Beach 19/Stop 19

93% love it
Nude beach? Gay beach!
Stop 19 is where the nude beach starts. Walk down, past the naked bodies and railroad tracks and you'll find semi-naked gay bodies!


    • pitchlx
      pitchlx Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great beach!
      Hard to get there but totally worth it! Has a bar nearby. The woods are a very popular cruising spot.

    • Sun, sea, nature and naked guys
      At beach 19 you can enjoy sun, sea, nature and loads of naked guys to look at. Locals come usually after lunch, so if you go in the morning mostly old guys will be the people in the beach. In Summer months, though, if you are there in the afternoon there are LOADS of hot guys, Stay until late, after sunset (you can have dinner in the bar) and that way you can avoid the traffic jams of the weekends. Beach 19 is helps making lisbon a great gay destination. Recently, Lisbon gay scene has grown a lot and it now includes loads of bars, several clubs and saunas and parties all throughout the year. Drinks/food/accomodation are cheap and the people are friendly. With all of this together, Lisbon is now a very nice destination for a “gay-holiday”. With the amount of venues and events, I have felt the need for an online resource that could offer a complete and comprehensive gay guide on lisbon and therefore – – was born. Have a look and if you enjoy come and try Lisbon. You’ll enjoy it for sure!

    • TuxaPhina
      TuxaPhina Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best gay beach in Portugal
      In the summer you have to go to beach 19. Sun, hot, water, sex... And you still have drinks and food nearby. What can you get more? Of course, to have (good) sex you have to be lucky ... Because sometimes, really old guys are snuffing around. But you get all kinds of people, to all different tastes. Go there... In the Summer ;)

    • lisbon
      lisbon Over a year ago
      Loves it

      best bay Lisbon beach
      Cute guys, u can cruise in dunes or enjoy the sea

    • bioluso
      bioluso Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Beach 19
      The actual beach 19 is much nicer, its bigger, not crowded, and away from the city. Getting there can be a pain though. I wanted to avoid the bus/train mess and found these friendly guys who took me there it was great!

      ACHMARQUES Over a year ago
      Hates it

      wrong foto
      This is not beach 19... this foto was taken about 10 kms north